Twistys – (Nicole Graves) starring at Sexual Misfit

I look back around for the girls and see they have made their way to the shelter, sitting opposite each other on one of tables talking and whatever else they are doing that I can’t make out.

(I am never told the other girls name so for the rest of the story I will call her Katya)

Katya suddenly walks off to the right on the car path as Amanda walks the Lilhumpers opposite way to her car.
I watch as Katya disappears out of sight along the path and my attention darts back to Amanda who is taking her time as she sits in her car for a minute and then gets back out, closing the door behind her and starts coming my way.

Her amazing body is distracting, my mind can’t help being focused on her sexy legs and her perky breasts bouncing as she walks towards me.
Her walk is like that of a super model walking the runway but with more spring in it.
As she approaches me, I beg into my gag, the muffled moans that escape once again get me a giggle in return as I squirm in the restraints.